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Company Profile

Industrias Fatima, S.A., with 74 years of candle making experience, specializes in the manufacturing of religious, emergency, dinner type and decorative candles.

The Research and Development Department of Industrias Fatima, S.A. has dedicated time and effort to expand the variety of shapes, sizes and finishes available for our customers.

We have two main procedures in our candle making process, Extruded and Hand Poured Candles. Extrusion Machines are used to manufacture religious, emergency and dinner type candles. This process ensures that every candle is made to the same specifications and quality control standards every time.

Our decorative candles are hand poured. This method allows each candle to be carefully filled and examined to deliver the highest quality possible for our customers.

Quality Control Techniques are a vital component of the candle making process of Industrias Fatima, S.A. We only use the finest fragrances and raw materials available in the market. We do not bend any corners or sacrifice quality.
Industrias Fatima, S.A. has created a large collection of candles in a diverse range of sizes. Each candle can be customized in scent, color and finish upon request. We can create just about any color you can imagine from the basic colors to the most complex creations! (A minimum order is required for some products)